A hint about the future of UI from the iPhone 7

I believe that one day we’ll have to explain to the next generation how we walked in the street with our head down looking at our phones and they’ll laugh at us.
There is a million good things and bad things that can be said about the iPhone. But the fact is that it is an extremely well sold device and any change to a new version of it impacts many accessories, devices, software, etc.

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The change that I found surprising and brave is the removal of the headphones jack. It is of course a very clever maneuver to make users buy the compatible headphones that can be plugged in the charger port.


It is also a risky move that opens the door to the new generation of wireless headphones. In fact, this type of products have been improving greatly in the last few years, including microphones and accelerometers. It is especially in this space where I think the future of user interface design lies. Therefore, the push that these devices are receiving from the release of the new iPhone will raise the bar in terms of hardware…

…But what about software?

Software is the biggest opportunity: being able to use your phone without looking at the screen. Hence, I’m sure that the big players (Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc.) are well aware of this and they’re going to fight to be the first to bridge the gap with their own platforms (Cortana, Google Now, Siri, etc.).

If you want to see how the user experience would be, just watch the brilliant movie HER.

Interesting times ahead.

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